Public Schools Are Increasingly More Deficient

From 1957 to 1970, I attended class everyday in the Los Angeles Unified School District. It was not until I was in my middle ages that I believed there was a better option. Attending school when I did was everything because there was highly valued socialization. There were of course rudimentary academic things that sparked some curiosity, but there was play time with fun, music/band/orchestra/choir, school girl crushes, new clothes to go back to school, field trips, art, and more.

The picture then did not include mass shootings, pervert teachers, bully squads, whiny teachers’ union demanding more pay for less work. There was not a whole lot of expectation from parents other than focus on teaching and teachers assuming parents would parent.

Mothers never bragged about raising their child without a father. Fathers never spoke about being the only parent. There was no badge of honor about a broken home, since everyone lived on trusting one another’s character. If you were someone who lied a lot you were not routinely accepted, and if you treated others like you were accustomed to being treated then you normally garnered friends.

Today, the deceit and maliciously behavior among young and old is atrocious. The value of life is placed on appearance, money, and luxurious stuff. Those that live large can attract friends and those that live meagerly have little meaningful value of attracting opportunity.